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"From the hearts of Nawabs!"


Welcome to our exquisite world of Chikankari, where every garment unfolds a tale of artistry and heritage. Straight from the heart of Lucknow, we present you with authentic, handcrafted wonders that embody the essence of our beloved city. With unwavering devotion and respect, each piece is meticulously created, from scratch till the moment it embraces your soul. Adorned with love and adab, our skilled artisans pour their hearts into every design, stitch, and delicate packaging. Rest assured, our premium Chikankari is crafted by expert hands, guided by the highest safety standards, ensuring a touch of magic in every thread. Experience the charm of Lucknow.


Why Chic-a-naari?

Chic-a-naari: Timeless Chikankari for the Women of Today. Who are not afraid to cherish the traditional art but love the convenience of modern day dressing.
Every piece is an artistry reimagined for the modern woman—bold, passionate, conscious, and endlessly loving. Rediscover the magic in every stitch.


About Me

Slight peek into my journey!

Hi! I am Akanksha!
Ever since I was a child, I was captivated by the enchanting beauty of chikankari. Growing up in Lucknow, I would wear those intricately designed kurtas with pride, unaware of their universal appeal. It was only when I started travelling and strangers showed interest that I realized its global potential. With a deep love for my city and a passion for fashion, I couldn't resist sharing this rich heritage. And so, Chic-a-naari came to life, allowing me to spread the magic of chikankari far and wide. Join me on this heartfelt adventure!
Trust me, it’ll matter. We’re trying to be as sustainable as we can, and each day is a new step towards it. Have a guilt free style that lasts!